These are in no particular order. Just the order in my Reader. Please do not cause trouble over this. Thanks!

gomar6 19:07, November 3, 2011 (UTC)


Splash Of Color BY: Berry

Burnt Sugar: A Carmelized Rainbowcy BY: Mia

Meringue Rainbowcy~ A Legacy Gone Technicolor BY: Cupcake

The Frosting Legacy: The Frosting on the Cake BY: Risa

Colorful and Glowing: A Simmerson Rainbowcy BY:TheNewsTeam

Color Me Blind BY: Sakura

Just a Touch of Star Dust BY: Shannacha

A Hint of the Rainbow BY: Amy

Different: A Backwards Rainbowcy BY: friendliellama

The Frascati Legacy BY: Callie

Colorido Legacy BY: gomar

Twisted Color BY: FruHurricane

ISBI (I am surrounded by Idiots)Edit

A Berry Crazy ISBI BY: Styxlady

  • A wacky 10-generation challenge with a Berry twist, in which only one sim per generation is able to be directly controlled.

DITFT (Differences in the Family tree)Edit

Shattered Rainbows BY: Nadzicle

Dusty Plains: A Crossover Rainbowcy BY: Cami

Other Categories (may move into a category at a later date with more info about them)Edit

Dipped: A Berry Sweet Story BY: kaleeko

Berry Puffs BY: contributors

  • A place to submit mini stories.

​Leosu BY: friendliellama

Roy and Tart: A Vanilla Sweet Paradox BY: asimsgirl

  • A romeo/julliet type story with berry sweet sims and vanilla sims